With summer comes delays…

With summer comes road construction. With construction comes delays. Such is the way of life in Wisconsin. The same goes for my posting becoming less frequent.

My beer sampling has declined a bit as well mainly moving into IPAs as the days get longer and the stout selections dwindle.

Lately I have been tied up in DIY home remodeling projects which have tapped into the budget. Much like road construction, these have slowed my blog progress as I have been pouring a lot of effort into keeping my family happy by moving these projects closer to completion. Recently we were able to get our shower completed as part of our Master Bedroom project. I was able to design, rough in, and plumb the entire thing and then leveraged a local tile layer for the finish work there.


Besides the projects, back to beer. Thanks to my very good friend Dave (fellow blogger most notably for his 52 Churches in 52 weeks), I was able to procure a special beer for my cellar! A 5 star Untappd beer (my rating) to be exact (4.6 global)! Central Waters Maple Bourbon Stout


Speaking of my cellar and construction! I was able to not only relocate it to a slightly cooler and more temperature stable area in my basement, but completely organize it in the process. I put older beers toward the floor and worked my way up to newest. I was pretty happy with how it turned out. While it is still not a dedicated cellar it is a step in the right direction.

The summer is just getting underway. With baseball, remodeling, and family events planned I will do my best to keep some content coming. I have a few things in the works so stay tuned.

Cheers to any delays you may have in life. Not only are they an opportunity to reflect and think, but they present us with opportunities that can turn into great things.

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