Top 5 Stouts – Year Round Availability

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As a craft beer fan, and more specifically a fan of the darker side of beer, spring often signals an end to the best time of year. I like to call it Stout Season. It runs from approximately November until the end of March. During that time some of the best beers on the planet tend to be released. Those four months are a dark beer lover’s dream.

Fast forward a couple months and good Stouts are a lot harder to come by. I get it, not everyone likes drinking a full bodied rich meal in a glass. Most people prefer a lighter or more refreshing affair such as an IPA or heaven forbid a Shandy. I too do not mind an IPA in the summer, but sometimes you really want a sip of coffee & chocolate goodness. Not everyone is as crazy as I am and stocks up on their favorites so as to enjoy a few in the summer and early fall months. If you do I would like to hear from you on your favorites!

As most probably don’t stock up, this list is for you!  My lengthy preface aside, here are my picks for best “year round” availability in Stouts.

Feel free to check them out on your own. Let me know what you think about my list.

1. Central Waters Satin Solitude

2. Lagunitas Imperial Stout

3. Deschutes Obsidian Stout

4. Mad River Brewing Company Redwood Stout (Formerly Steelhead Stout)

5. Left Hand Milk Stout Nitro





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