A trip to Central Waters

I believe it was Wednesday (3/1/17) when I saw it. Central Waters Brewing was releasing a new beer and a special one at that, a three year aged Rye Barrel Stout. Being a new, experimental, likely limited, release I knew I would have to make some arrangements to get there. I am glad I did!

I found out there were just 2000 bottles produced and with a limited allocation of just 6 bottles per person, it was expected that they would go fast. With just 1.5-2 days notice they ran out in just 5 hours. Not bad for an experimental beer and short notice!

I am glad I was able to get a hold of it. It is fantastic. It pours with a nice deep brown nearing black. The head dissipates fairly fast. Plentiful Rye and chocolate type aromas. It tastes amazing! Deep Rye character that gives way to some roasted chocolate tones, some sweetness and finishes smoothly with just a hint of booziness. At 13% ABV you would not even guess it. A true winner of a beer and dare I say it, in the same league as their special anniversary beers.

Today is one of the days I realize just how much of a beer nerd I have become. Some people need the latest iPhone, I would rather have the latest barrel aged wonder from Anello and the gang at CW. Sure it is consumable, you only get to taste it a few times, but the fun is in the hunt. With only so many truly great rare beers out there it is fun to hunt them down. I am truly blessed though to live just 30 mins away from what I consider one of the best breweries in the country. Thanks Central Waters!


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