5 beers to bring you in on the world of craft

You know who you are. Yeah you, that guy/gal who is unsure what all the fuss is about unwilling to leave the comfortable world of American low taste lagers.

I have a list just for you so you can dip your toe… er… tongue into the craft world.

I know you are probably thinking, “why in hell do you call it Stout Central and your first post is  it about stout?”. Well my friends, we all had our start someplace and if we don’t learn to appreciate flavor first, how can we expect others to expand their horizons?

This ones’ for the newbs.

1. Founders PC Pils


Aa reasonable pilsner, it still gives you a hint of that classic lager taste you are likely used to while not totally overloading your palate.

2. New Glarus Spotted Cow (Sorry, Wisconsinites only)


A farmhouse Ale with good flavor. Not too brash for those new to the scene, and, a first time with an Ale.

3. Capital Brewing Maibock


A smooth easy drinking beer that opens up the opens the door to some other options.

4. Toppling Goliath Pseudo Sue


Packed with flavor, this pale ale opens one up to the world of craft at its best. In its own right a reference standard.

5. Left Hand Brewing Nitro Milk Stout


This list would not be complete without a stout. This one is as easy drinking as they come and offers a gateway to the darker side of craft beers.





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