A journey to the cellar

Beer. It has so many connotations to each individual. To some it is a carbonated yellow liquid they use to intoxify, to others a deep rich liquid that brings about friends & conversation.

Over the years as my appreciation and knowledge of beer has grown, I have felt the need to share some of what I have acquired to a broader audience to both beginners and “professionals” alike.

As I mentioned on on the main page, I got into craft beer circa 2009. Since that time I have expanded into many different styles of beer and have jumped headfirst into aging beers. For those unfamiliar with the concept, it is much like aging a wine. There are a fair number of beers out there that have a significant shelf life (5-7+ years) and can mellow or take on different characteristics over time. These are topics I will get into with future posts. There are great tips out there for beginners as well as those I have acquired from seasoned vets.

In closing, this site is all about sharing beer knowledge, fun, and some nerdery, enjoy.





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