Welcome Stout Central!

An unpretentious slightly nerdy take on the wonderful world of craft beer.



My ever deeper spiral into the dark depths of barley & hops began around 2007 thanks in part to my brother in law Matt. Since that time I have expanded my tastes in styles and cellar size.

Prior to my delve into the silky darkness of stouts (and more) I was a connoisseur of vodka. Training myself to understand the nuances and subtleties of the colorless spirit has afforded me the ability to appreciate the wonderful and complex details of the darker realms of craft beer.

Being a native of Wisconsin, I am in the heart of the craft beer industry. (Wisconsin ranks 11th currently in breweries per capita in the US.)  I am lucky enough to live within a 30 minute drive of no fewer than 6 craft breweries or brew pubs, one of which is the famed Central Waters. (www.Central Waters.com)






Interested in connecting or even setting up some beer sharing or trades? Drop me a line!